2018 Ontario Rookie AAA Championship: August 31 - September 2

The North Toronto Baseball Association would like to extend a warm welcome to each of the players, coaches, families and friends to the Ontario Rookie AAA Championship Tournament. We hope that you have a fun, safe, and memorable experience!   Please refer to this Web site for important information regarding the tournament. We will be updating this Web site regularly.


Lost and Found

Please send email to


Real Time Tournament Results

Link to game schedule -> Tournament Results and Game Schedule


Sunday Weather

Tim to send email updates to coaches of remaining teams.


Raffle Prizes!!! (winning ticket numbers next to prize list below)

Scroll down for Raffle Prize List and Pictures.

Unclaimed winning ticket numbers are posted below.  Please pickup your prize at Goulding Park on Saturday or Sunday.  If not, please send an email to



Thanks to our Title Sponsor Baseline Sports who kindly donated the baseballs!

Baseline is an indoor baseball training facility with a baseball equipment retail store. Located 10 minutes from Clanton Park at 4 Ashwarren Road, Baseline is open Friday August 31 and Saturday September 1, so feel free to use this excellent facility in between your games! Baseline is offering a tournament discount and they have sale prices on all gear (gloves, bats, batting gloves etc.). 416-775-1037


Please support our other sponsors:


Eagle Beaver Sports: for all your baseball equipment and uniform needs, 416 759-9997


Thanks to PODS for donating the storage container!


The T-Shirt Mafia

Instagram Accounts - @theteeshirtmafia and @ks_retrosports





Opening Ceremony

Goulding South, 6PM, Friday, August 31 (please try to arrive early if possible)


Contact: E-mail:


Location: Games will be held at the following parks:

Goulding Park - 45 Goulding Avenue, Toronto, ON

(Jays Care project)

Goulding North: dirt/clay; 245-250-245 to the fence; standard ground rules: imaginary line from dugout fence to the foul pole.

Goulding South: dirt/clay; 230-240-230 to the fence; standard ground rules: imaginary line from dugout fence to the foul pole.

There is a swimming pool so the kids should bring their trunks!  The pool is open 12-8PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Clanton Park - 30 Palm Drive, Toronto, ON

Clanton East: crusher dust; no outfield fence - unlikely trees in play, but umpire's discretion; imaginary line from 3rd base dugout fence to treeline; imaginary line from 1st base dugout fence to fencepost at Clanton West. Discuss at pre-game conference with umpires.

Clanton West: crusher dust; approx. 180 feet to outfield fence; imaginary line from 3rd base dugout fence to foul pole; imaginary line from 1st base dugout fence to foul pole. Tree overhanging 1st base line in foul territory. Contact = foul ball. Discuss at pre-game conference with umpires.



Pitching Machines

All four pitching machines will be:

(Thanks to Baseline Sports for providing the fourth!)

Goulding machines will run off generators.

Clanton East will run off a direct line from the storage room. Clanton West will run off a generator.

We will have a radar gun at Goulding and one at Clanton in the Field Coordinator kits.


Approved OBA Rookie Playing Rules

Can be found here,


Protest Committee
Tim O'Brien: Chairman of 2018 OBA Championships Organizing Committee; former Level 3 umpire
Jim Lisser: North Toronto Executive Board Member
Mark Karlsen: Former Convenor Minor and Major Rookie OBA Championships; Kitchener Minor Baseball Association

Jon Whitaker: Umpire-in-Chief

In case of unresolved/appealed protest: Chair of Rookie OBA Championship: Annette Hogarth, OBA. Final decision.



Parking options at Goulding Park

Parking options at Clanton Park



  1. There will be a modest canteen with snacks and juice boxes for sale at Goulding Park, which is the main hub.
  2. From Goulding Park (refer to map):
    1. Centerpoint Mall is a 3-minute walk north with a food court and restaurants:
    2. Closest grocery store – Food Basics - is a 2-minute drive south on Yonge
  3. From Clanton Park (refer to map):
    1. Sheppard and Bathurst is a 3-minute drive, with several restaurants available as you go west on Sheppard.
    2. Closest grocery store is a 3-minute drive: Metro at Sheppard and Bathurst
  4. Consider a team potluck!
  5. We have informed local food trucks that we are hosting the tournament, so some may turn up, but this will be at their discretion – we have not paid them.

Goulding Food 2

Clanton Food 2


Washrooms & Water

Goulding: The Community Centre is open from 8am to 10pm. We have access to their washrooms and water.

Clanton: There are washrooms at the field with sinks for water.


Garbage and Recycling

We are responsible for our own garbage and recycling. Please use the bins that are available. We will be collecting trash and recycling, and replacing the bags throughout the tournament.


Important Park Rules

No pegs may be driven into the grass at either Goulding or Clanton. There are irrigation pipes and other lines running just under the surface. If teams or fans are putting up tents, please use weights of some sort to secure them rather than pegs.

We are responsible for any damage to property or turf, so please be respectful.

Any electrical cables must be covered to avoid tripping hazards.


Health and Safety

1. Each field coordinator will have a first aid kit and ice or instant ice packs.
2. Field Coordinators will also have the name and number of a doctor who has kindly agreed to be on call during the weekend.
3. For any emergencies, North York General Hospital is the closest Emergency Room. Approx 15-20 mins from both fields. Directions and maps below.

Goulding Park to North York General Hospital Emergency

  • Take Goulding Ave heading east to Yonge St.
  • Right on Yonge, left on Cummer, right on Willowdale
  • Left on Finch (drive 3.2 km)
  • Right on Leslie (drive 2.3km)
  • Left on Esther Shiner Blvd

Clanton Park to North York General Hospital Emergency

  • Take Palm Dr. east to Bathurst. Turn right to go south on Bathurst
  • Left on Wilson
  • Left on Avenue – ramp to 401 Eastbound (drive 5.2km)
  • Leslie St. exit heading north.
  • Right on Esther Shiner Blvd



Raffle Prizes !!!

Please pickup your prize at Goulding Park on Saturday or Sunday.  If not, please send an email to


1. Framed Sydney Crosby Stanley cup pic -> 0074009 -> Received

2. Framed Donaldson and Bautista pic -> 0074071 -> Received

3. Framed Mariano Rivera pic -> 0073667 -> Received

4. Mathews and Marner small frame pic -> 0074027 -> Received

5. Crosby Mario small frame -> 0074080 -> Received

6. Mark McGwire official bat -> 0074018 -> Received

7. Connor McDavid poster

8. 3 golf putters, a) A-Game lefty -> 0073907 -> Received

b) A-Game righty -> 0073793 -> Received

c) Arkansas Razorbacks righty -> 0073696 -> Received

9. Golf umbrella

10. Team Canada Jersey History Pic -> 0074005 -> Received

11. Sephora $50 gift certificate + custom makeover!

12. Blue Jays Soft Blanket (donation from T-Shirt Mafia)

13. Blue Jays T-Shirt - Youth X-Large (donation from T-Shirt Mafia)

14. Grey T-Shirt - Youth Large (donation from T-Shirt Mafia)

15. 3 Under Armour Orange cooling T-Shirts (donation from Eagle Beaver):

a) Adult Large

b) Adult Large -> 0074033 -> Received

c) Adult 3XL

16. 4 Rawlings black and grey warm-up windbreaker jackets (donation from Eagle Beaver):

a) Adult Medium -> 0073706 - Received

b) Adult Medium -> 0073598 -> Received

c) Youth Large -> 0074019 - Received

d) Youth Large  -> 0073929 -> Received

17. Toronto Blue Jays small replica batting helmet (donation from Eagle Beaver) -> 0073863 -> Received

18. Two tournament posters -> 0074088 and 0073806 -> Received




Entry Form:
Please complete the entry form and forward it with the applicable fee to:2018 OBA Tournament Entry Form

2708 Yonge Street, P.O. Box 1312, Station K, Toronto, ON, M4P 3J4

Game Schedule

Here is the OBA approved game schedule, Draft Bracket v2

Hotel Information: 

We have reserved a block of rooms at Holiday Inn Yorkdale.  Hotel and contact information are noted below:

Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale (Host Hotel)

For any team booking inquiries, please contact: Eleanor Santos  416-785-6857 OR eleanor.santos@hiyorkdale
Your destination for one of Toronto`s Sport Friendly hotels. Our goal is to enhance your teams experience and `Wow` you with our amenities such as our nerf Tennis Court, Ping Pong Table, our unique Salt Water pool and many more! Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale has been recognized for Trip Advisor`s Certificate of Excellence for 2018 and currently is rated within TOP 20 hotels.  Please visit for all of what the hotel has to offer!