Welcome to the Umpire Crew at NTBA.

We are continuing to build our umpire program and look forward to you returning or joining NTBA in 2024. Umpiring is a terrific opportunity to display leadership skills, earn work experience, make some money, and be involved in the great game of baseball.

North Toronto Baseball Association requires all umpires doing games to be certified. Part of the certification is a series of online modules as well as in person training. NTBA will be hosting two Baseball Ontario Level 1 & 2 Umpire Camps this year on April 6 and April 21, 2024.

All registrations for certification can be completed on Baseball Ontario’s ONDeck platform. Please note all NTBA umpires must be at least 12 years of age. Adults are welcome.

In order to umpire with NTBA, there are three actions to be taken:


  • Register with NTBA as an umpire in HORIZON
    • Go to, or download the Horizon WebRef app on Apple or Android
    • RETURNING UMPS – Please update your Horizon profile, umpire level for 2024
    • NEW UMPS: Click on the “Member Login” button, located on the right hand side of screen
    • Click on "New Users Registrations" button, located on the bottom of the screen
    • Submit your e-mail address, name and organization code, NTBA's Code is 205723. Under the Select a User Type, select Official
    • Await approval from the system administrator. Note: This is a manual process. You will receive an e-mail when you are accepted
    • Input your registration information. Make sure to include your OBA umpire number and your level


  • Acquire Baseball Ontario Certification

New and returning umpires are required to acquire umpire certification. There are 3 components to certification:

  • Complete a virtual Umpire Learning Course with OBA, comprised of a series of independent learning modules. The total expected time for the course is 2 hours. See below for OnDeck registration instuctions.
  • Attend a 4 hour in-person, locally hosted Umpire Camp. See below for OnDeck registration instructions. (Cost is $25 for Level 1 umpires and $45 for Level 2 umpires).
  • Attend a 1 hour in-person, NTBA Local Rules Session

Level 1 and 2 umpires must attend an umpire camp. You can attend the UMPIRE CAMP with any association. NTBA will host two camps on April 6 and April 21 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Please sign up early as there are limited spots for each. 

OnDeck Registration

All umpires (new and returning) must register or be registered with OnDeck here.  For your profile, select your 2024 Ump Level.

The OBA is aware of a known glitch in the system and are working with the developer to resolve.  For the short term, if you are not 13 years old when you register, enter your month and day of birth and “1924” for year of birth. That will allow your profile to be created.  After completing the registration, email with your correct date and the OBA will update.

Once you have set up your profile, click on your name in the top right corner, then click “my account”, then choose “certifications” from the left menu, then choose the corresponding certification from My Certifications or Available Certifications.

Local Rules Registration

NTBA Local Rules sessions will be held on April 6 and April 21 at Northern Secondary School from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. Please register for the Local Rules Sessions, here is the local rules registration link.

Baseball Ontario controls your Level of Certification and adjudicates it. If you have clinic questions or questions about your Umpire Level, please contact Baseball Ontario or 519-740-3900


  • Wear appropriate Uniform/Equipment

Each NT Umpire must wear the following for all games:

  1. Umpire shirt (either dark blue official OBA or black/light blue polo)
  2. Grey full length pants (e.g. from amazon)
  3. Full brim cap (colour is your choice) (to be worn under mask)
  4. Umpire kit (counter; plate brush)
  5. Home plate equipment is mandatory for home plate umpires (mask, chest protector, leg guards)
  6. Black steel-toed shoes (optional for home plate)


Equipment can be ordered through any retailer you find.


Umpiring is an amazing opportunity to help support our association, be around the baseball diamond, earn some money and gain some great experience. I am very excited for the upcoming season and look forward to you joining our team!


Rob Storm

Director, North Toronto Baseball Association