NTBA – Looking for an Instagram manager!

NTBA is looking for a qualified candidate to manage its ever-growing social media platform (Instagram + Others). The position would entail the following:

Curating, designing and posting Instagram posts for NTBA – House league, Rep/Select, Umpire – direction to be provided by various NTBA representatives
Post frequency = 1-2 posts per week (depending on time of year)
Increasing followers by developing and implementing growth strategies
Engaging with the NTBA community - Replying to direct messages, using hashtags / liking and commenting other posts
Entry level photography, videography and graphic design

We are looking for a candidate who has experience on social media and is comfortable managing posts on organizational accounts. Ideal candidate would be associated with NTBA already – House league player, umpire, rep/select player. Compensation would be a combination of financial and volunteer hours. If interested, please send an email to admin@ntbaseball.com by November 30, 2020 – please provide experience, key background information and a brief paragraph on your thoughts on strategies.