North Toronto A’s: Rep and Select Baseball

7U Development Program (born 2013) at Oriole Park (201 Oriole Parkway)

Job Description: Baseball Program Leader (July/Aug 2020)


NT will host 8U (2013) AAA and Select try-outs in early Sept. 2020. This 7U Baseball Development Program is designed to prepare players for these try-outs. NT is looking for a dynamic Baseball Program Leader who will give these kids an entertaining, instructional, structured introduction to the game of baseball that will leave them wanting more! This will also prepare them for the 8U (2013) AAA and Select try-outs which will take place in early September 2020. Please see our intro video to understand more about our philosophy: Video: Introduction to Rep and Select and 7U Development Program.


> Demonstrated competitive baseball playing experience over many years

> Experience communicating in a group settings with young children

> Ability to create and execute structured practice plans, focussing on ABC’s + P (Agility; Balance; Coordination; Speed + Power). Note that the 2019 7U Development Program practice plans will be provided to you as guides.

• Example of a typical practice plan (details should change each practice):

1. Warm-up and stretch

2. Throwing practice/progression

3. Specific lesson (e.g. juggling)

4. Concurrently: (in advance you will need to organize your parent volunteers):

  • 4a. “Battle Stations” (e.g. 4 stations x 10 mins per rotation)
    • i) obstacle course; ii) infield drills; iii) fly balls; iv) relay throws
  • 4b. Live BP in pop-up batting cage

5. Scrimmage using soft-toss machine

- Combination of personality and energy that will inspire players to try new activities, and will prompt parents to get involved. (Practices will lean heavily on station work, which will require lots of parent involvement.) You will also need parents to help with the pop-up batting cage and with the pitching machine.

- Ability to plan, organize, and run 12 x 2-hour practices during July and August 2020. All equipment will be available at the Oriole Park shed. You will also need to manage the 7U Development Program’s TeamSnap page.

- If you are interested, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to by March 31, 2020.