North Toronto Rep Program Overview:

North Toronto Baseball Association is happy to announce the following Rep teams for 2024. Over the years, we have built a strong organization through great coaching and training. We are proud of the success of our teams (including numerous TBA championships) and, most importantly, the players have all had great experiences. In keeping with the NCCP Baseball Model of Long Term Athlete Development, we emphasize skill development, teamwork, enjoyment and sportsmanship to achieve this success.

The coaches are focused on the long-term success and continuous development of the players and team. Each coach/team will share their strategies and philosophies throughout the try-out process.  We are looking forward to another great season in 2024.


NTBA is always looking for professional coaches for its Rep/Select program, if interested, please send an email to



The following are the try-out details for the North Toronto A's teams. If you would like to attend the try-outs, please provide the following information by email to the appropriate contact two days before the try-out and arrive early to register:

Player's name

Date of birth


Parent e-mail and telephone number

Last year's team


For further inquiries, please feel free to email the contact noted below.


Information for the 2023-2024 Season

Division | Year of Birth | Contact

8U AAA | 2016 | Bradley Bedford

9U AAA | 2015 | Jason Solmon

10U AAA | 2014 | Brent Zacks

10U A | 2014 | Aaron Collins

11U AA | 2013 | Daniel Shneer

11U A | 2013 | Leora Glick/Sarah Ingber

12U A/AA | 2012 | Bradley Bedford

13U AAA | 2011 | Professional Head Coach Glenn Jackson

13U AA | 2011 | Mike Pameli

14U AAA | 2010 | Michael Yermus

14U A  | 2010 | Dan Iwachiw

15U A/AA   | 2009 | Lily Latner Otis

16U AA | 2008 | Geordan Chester

18U AA | 2007 and 2006 | Robyn MacKenzie

18U AA Tournament | 2007 and 2006 | Alison Burke


10U AA - 2023 TBA Champions
10U AA - 2023 TBA Champions
11U A - 2023 TBA Finalists
11U A - 2023 TBA Finalists