Paid Coaching Opportunity: Minor Rookieball Rep AAA Head Coach

Qualified candidates must have extensive playing experience and an understanding of the game. Prior coaching experience is preferred. Strong communication skills are required in working with players and their parents. Time commitments are mainly 1-2 evenings a week starting in January at an indoor facility, and then 3-5 evenings a week, coupled with weekend games or practices through September. Head coach will select their assistant coaches and a team administrator as volunteers from the team parents to help with scheduling and communications and this group will move forward with the team.

Winter Training starts in January through April. Winter training will include training players and will occur 1-2 times per week in a training facility (many North Toronto teams use Baseline Sports) and at fields when available.

Games and practices outside will start early May 2019, and will be 3 to 5 times per week, with at least one of those being a practice and two games.

Tournaments are on the weekend and sometimes start on Friday evenings, depending on the tournament that your team is signed up for. Expect a minimum of 3 tournaments in addition to the Toronto playoffs (mid-August) and potentially the Ontario finals (Labour Day weekend).

Essential duties - Manage game play and all in-game decision making in competition. Prepare practice plans in advance of team practices. Direct practices and training that keep kids moving, as well as promote learning and focus on skill development, team plays and game strategies. Promote a culture of good sportsmanship and proper conduct based on the North Toronto Baseball Association Code of Conduct on and off of the field, acting as a positive role model and acting in a respectful and professional manner. Enforce rules and regulations. Communicate frequently and clearly with team families. Provide a competitive, but positive learning environment. Organize and manage the team’s schedule. Work with parent coaches to ensure they are prepared to take on coaching responsibilities moving forward. Register for and attend at least 3 tournaments, the Toronto playoffs and the Ontario playoffs (if applicable). Provide monthly team updates to the NTBA Board of Directors. Recommend to the NTBA Board of Directors regarding an appropriate parent-head coach for following season.

Qualifications - Playing and / or coaching experience preferably at high school, other local organizations, or above. Reliable transportation required. Punctual and consistently available for games and practices. Motivated to mentor young players. Preferably use this as an opportunity to teach character, the game, and not take winning as the main goal.

Salary - To be discussed based on experience.

Interested candidates can submit their applications via email to