North Toronto Baseball Association - Elite Baseball League of Ontario - Program Overview:

Over the years, the North Toronto Baseball Association (NTBA) has built a strong organization through great coaching and training. We are proud of the success of our teams (including numerous TBA championships) and, most importantly, the players have all had great experiences. In keeping with the NCCP Baseball Model of Long Term Athlete Development, we emphasize skill development, teamwork, enjoyment and sportsmanship to achieve this success, NTBA - 2019 Code of Conduct Version 1

NTBA is happy to announce the following Elite Baseball League of Ontario (EBLO) teams for 2020:

18U – Head Coach Raf Choudhury/Team Manager, Eun-Kyung Lee

16U – Head Coach Evan Kirsh

15U – Head Coach Kirby Davidson/Team Manager Bruce Barker

NTBA has participated in the EBLO since its inception and has been very competitive at all ages. Along with the EBLO schedule and showcase tournaments, our teams participate in 4-6 tournaments throughout the year including visiting the US 2-3 times throughout the summer. Our teams train throughout the winter at Baseline Sports and go to Florida for spring training. Based on player and family feedback, the program has been a great experience for all. The coaches are focused on the long-term success and continuous development of the players and team. Each coach/team will share their strategies and philosophies throughout the try-out process.


We are looking forward to another great season in 2020. Each team is finalizing try-out details and will post over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you are interested in the NTBA Elite program and/or would like to attend the try-outs, please feel free to reach out directly to the respective contacts above. Please also provide the following information:

Player's name

Date of birth


Parent e-mail and telephone number

Last year's team