Minor Midget A

Tryouts for the 2017 season will take place at Sentinel Park – 315 Sentinel Rd., Toronto, Ontario (Keele and Sheppard) – large diamond on:
Sunday Sept 18th, 1:30-4pm
Monday Sept 19th, 6-8pm
Tuesday Sept  20th, 6-8pm  (if needed)

Our baseball program will focus on improving existing skills and getting a better understanding of the strategies of the game.  We aim to create a positive team environment that allows each player to contribute towards the success of the team.  Baseball is a great sport, with many strategies and we will work at teaching this to the players.

This coming season will require a considerable time commitment towards the program. We will take a team break from July 1-14th.  We will expect all players available to play starting on July 15th.  We have found in past seasons that when the team takes a longer break, it’s very difficult for the team to return back to the level of play prior to the break.  We expect that all players accepting a position on the team understand this commitment.  If you have concerns regarding this modified summer break, please contact me to discuss before the scheduled try-outs.

We plan on starting the preseason in Spring with player training/pitching development using an indoor program.  During the regular season, we will have 1-2 practices per week, and 1-2 games per week depending on the TBA schedule.  We will plan on entering into 3 tournaments, with 1 being out of town.

The try-outs are open to all players born in 2001.  Players need to make sure they are wearing all protective apparel to ensure their safety.   Wear a hat and numbered jersey in order to be easily identified.

If you would like to attend the try-outs, please provide the following information by email before the try-out and arrive early to register.

Player’s name

Date of birth


Parent email and telephone number

Last year’s team

Preferred positions


Players coming from other associations must have completed a “permission to try-out” form from their current baseball association.  If the form is not completed, the player will not be allowed to try-out.

For further inquiries, please contact me at the following email address.

Tom Richard

Head Coach NT Minor Midget A