Frequently Asked Questions

North Toronto Baseball Association

Registration FAQs

1. Why do returning players not get registration priority over new players?

NTBA is a not-for-profit community organization, and its registration philosophy has been to try to provide a fair opportunity for all families (including new families and those that have been wait-listed in prior years) to participate each year.  Families of returning players are sent advance notice of registration dates and times by email, but are not guaranteed a spot at the expense of new registrants.

In addition to the above philosophical reason there are two additional logistical reasons as well. (a) In many divisions there are less spots available as the kids get older (e.g. Minor Mosquito has less spots than Rookieball, Bantam has less spots than Peewee, etc.).  There is no way to guarantee every registered player from a prior year a spot in the current year because in many instances there are fewer spots available than there are returning players.

(b) From time to time NTBA will experiment with trying different ideas.  In 2016 as a one time trial NTBA tried offering priority to returning players.  NTBA emailed a link to a registration site for returning players to “pre-register” in advance of new players.  However there was no way for the registration system to know if a registrant using the link was a returning player or new player.  Unfortunately, after the fact, NTBA learned that some parents took advantage of this loophole and forwarded the link to friends who in turn registered as a new player and effectively “jumped the line”.  This was clearly not fair, nor the intent of NTBA in trialing priority for returning players.

For 2017 NTBA decided that it would not offer priority registration and despite people assuming priority registration was offered, nowhere on the NTBA website or through any email communications to families regarding 2017 registration was it ever mentioned that there would be priority registration for 2017.

Registration volume and velocity for the 2017 NTBA season has been at unprecedented levels, and capacity was met for several divisions within the first 8 hours of registration.  Once divisions were full, NTBA had to send player requests to waiting lists much earlier than in prior years, and unfortunately this means some players (both returning and new players) will not get a chance to play this year.

2. Why does NTBA not allow players to “play up”?

NTBA policy is for players to play in their own age group which is defined by birth year.  This policy supports three objectives:

(a) it aligns players with the level of play recommended for their age group (e.g. studies have shown T-Ball is best for the development of 6/7 year old players, no pitching until Mosquito, etc.);

(b) it maintains a balance level of play in each division (e.g. if more advanced players all move to older age divisions it weakens the level of play at the younger age divisions).  If younger age divisions become weak then more and more players want to “play up”, but if NTBA sticks to its policy of keep players in their own age group it maintains the integrity of the league as a whole; and

(c) if the older division is full, a younger player “playing up” takes a spot away from a player who wants to play baseball in his/her own age group.

The largest age group requesting to “play up” is from T-Ball Sr (2010) to Minor Rookieball (2009).  To address this NTBA has a committee working on rule adjustments to the T-Ball Sr division to create more structure to the games than in past years.  Please offer to volunteer if you would like to work on the NTBA House League Committee that will help shape the revised T-Ball program.

3. But my child is really really good…..

The above philosophy holds true regardless of a parent’s perception of their child’s ability.  NTBA has a very successful Rep and Select program for those who want their child to play at a more competitive level.  See the NTBA website for more details on those programs.

4. Why doesn’t NTBA create more house league teams to satisfy the demand?  

NTBA has increased the number of teams over the past few years, and it will continue to pursue opportunities to expand its capacity going forward.  Unfortunately NTBA does not have unlimited resources.  NTBA has 3 major constraints that limit the number of teams it can field.

(a) Fields - Please contact your local city councillor and express your desire for NTBA to have more access to baseball diamonds.  Each year NTBA competes with other leagues and community interests to obtain additional park permits. Many baseball diamonds in North Toronto are being used by adult softball leagues, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, cricket, etc.  Get vocal with your councillor!!

(b) Volunteers - NTBA is comprised of volunteers who help over 1,300 kids play baseball every year.  However, these volunteers are part-time and can only give so much of their time to provide an opportunity for your child to play baseball.  Creating extra teams takes lots of work too.  Consider offering your time to help more kids play baseball!!

(c) Umpires - Encourage your children 12 and older to join the NTBA umpire ranks and get certified, it’s a great summer job and we pay well!! You can help!!

5. If my child is on a wait list when will we know whether they get in?  

In every division a few spots open up due to cancellations, once this happens NTBA will contact players registered on the wait list in order.  Wait list contacts will also receive advance notice of future registration deadlines.  Do not contact NTBA to find out your child’s spot on the wait list, you will not receive a response.  There are over 200 children on the wait list; unfortunately NTBA does not have the resources to satisfy these requests.

6. What happens if a parent falsifies their child’s birth year on their registration form?  

As outlined above, NTBA policy is for players to be assigned to divisions according to their birth year.  Falsifying a registrant’s birth year to “play up” or “play down” a division is unfair to other families who then get wait-listed.  If NTBA determines that a parent has falsified a registrant’s registration information, it reserves the right to cancel that player’s registration and re-assign the roster spot to an registrant on the waiting list.  Registration fees will be refunded less a $75 administration fee.

7. Why can’t NTBA satisfy multiple friend requests?  

NTBA tries to honour one reciprocal friend request per registrant.  However this cannot be guaranteed, as several other factors need to be considered when teams are rostered (e.g. coaching availabilities/requests, player skill level, sponsor assignments, etc).  Creating teams is a very time consuming, manual task and multiple friend requests add extra parameters that dramatically increase the time spent creating teams by volunteers.  NTBA simply does not have the resources to satisfy multiple friend requests.  Please do note that for the 2017 season, NTBA is going to try and keep as many players together from their 2016 teams as possible.

8. What if my child wants to umpire at NTBA?  

In February 2017, 2016 umpires and players 12 years-old and up will receive an email to recruit umpires for the 2017 season, as well there will be notification on the NTBA website.  Once you register to be an umpire at NTBA you are required to attend umpire clinics held in March/April 2017.  Please see the NTBA website for further information.

9. I have volunteered to coach my son/daughter’s team, how do I let NTBA know I want to co-coach with another parent?  

Send an email to, indicate in your note the division your player is registered for and the coaches you would like to co-coach with.  Please cc the other coach on the email to confirm it is a mutual request.

10. How can I volunteer my time to help NTBA?  

The success of the NTBA is dependent on our volunteers and sponsors.  There are many ways to volunteer to support the NTBA including as a coach or assistant coach, a convenor, or serving on one of several committees guiding the NTBA’s many facets (eg - House League Committee, Umpire Committee, Fields Committee, etc).  If you are interested in volunteering, you could indicate on your child’s registration form or send an email to

11. How can I sponsor a team at NTBA?

You can indicate on your registration form your interest in sponsoring a House League team.  Or you can send an email to  It is $600 to sponsor a team for the 2017 season.  Your company logo will be printed on your team jersey sleeve, your logo will be posted on our website, and you will receive a plaque with your team’s photo at the end of the season as a thank you for your sponsorship.

11. How can I get a receipt for fees I have paid?

For House League starting 2017 as well as Rep and Select fees in 2016 we used Teamsnap for registration. 

To print receipt from Teamsnap:

1.       Log in to Teamsnap account on a computer (this function does not work on a mobile device)

2.       On the Teamsnap Dashboard in the section below “My Teams” there is a section “My Registrations”

3.       In the “My Registrations” section click on View Receipt and then Print Receipt

For House League registration 2016 and prior as well as Rep and Select registration 2015 and prior we used Quick Enrollment for registration.

1.       Go to QuickEnrollment website and click on the registration link.

2.       The QE Email Help page will display. Scroll to the bottom and click on the CLICK HERE link.

3.       Select the first statement that indicates that you have your password.

4.       Enter your ID/Psswd then click the GO button.

5.       Your QE Family Profile will be displayed. Click on the INVOICES/PAYMENT RECEIPTS link located at the bottom of the page.

6.       Click on the VIEW/PRINT PAYMENT RECEIPTS tab at the top right.

7.       Click on the VIEW RECEIPTS link for each child.

8.       Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the PRINT button