Minor Bantam AA

North Toronto Baseball will field a Minor Bantam AA Rep team in 2017. Our objective is to field a highly competitive AA team with the ability to compete with both top AA/mid-tier AAA teams. We will continue to emphasize skill development, training, enjoyment and sportsmanship to achieve this goal – more information about our team and philosophy can be found below.

Try-outs: The following are the try-out details for the North Toronto A's Minor Bantam AA team. Open to all players born in 2003. Players must attend the try-outs to be considered. Players should wear a hat or shirt with a number so the players can be easily identified.

    Ø  Date: Monday, September 12 – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (arrive at 6:15 pm) - Location: Sentinel Park – 315 Sentinel Rd., Toronto, Ontario (Keele and Grandravine) – large diamond

    Ø  Date: Tuesday September 13 – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (arrive at 6:15 pm) –Location: Sentinel Park – 315 Sentinel Rd., Toronto, Ontario (Keele and Grandravine) – large diamond

    Ø  Date: Wednesday September 14 – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (arrive at 5:45 pm) –Location: Sentinel Park – 315 Sentinel Rd., Toronto, Ontario (Keele and Grandravine) – large diamond

If you would like to attend the try-outs, please provide the following information by email to Marcus.Tateishi@autodesk.com before the try-out and arrive early to register:

Ø  Player's name

Ø  Date of birth

Ø  Address

Ø  Parent e-mail and telephone number

Ø  Last year's team

Ø  Preferred Position

All players must contact us before tryouts. Players coming from other associations must have a completed permission to try out form from their current baseball association. 

Forms can be found here: http://www.torontobaseball.ca/filestore/htmleditattachedfiles/tbatryoutpermission2009-04-29t05-30-52v001_by_1713.pdf

Overview & Philosophy

In keeping with the NCCP Baseball Model of Long Term Athlete Development, we will be emphasizing skill development, training and the importance of enjoyment. Our program will focus on creating a fun and positive experience, developing competitive baseball players, and instilling a love of baseball with heavy emphasis on teamwork. With the objective to field a highly competitive AA team, we will seek to ensure a culture of camaraderie, sportsmanship and winning or losing as a team. The coaches are focused on the long-term success and continuous development of the players and team.

There will be a considerable time commitment for players on our team. North Toronto Baseball Association, along with the coaches, expect players to be committed to the team's schedule.  Prospective players should expect pre-season Winter training (one night per week beginning in January) plus individual conditioning (may entail additional time); beginning in late-April: 2 - 3 games per week (plus 2 practices per week) and participation in 3 - 4 weekend tournaments. The teams will have an approximate four week break in July to accommodate camp and/or family vacation.

Players must be available the last week of July and the beginning of August to prepare for the TBA championships and Labour Day weekend for provincial finals. This is an intense period of baseball and key to team development.  Specific policies regarding summer commitments and winter training plans should be discussed with the team’s coaches.  Players who have other major sporting priorities in the spring and summer should not consider trying out for this team. As well, please note that there is a significant financial commitment - player costs are expected to be approximately to $1,750 - $2,000, including league fees, winter training, tournaments, uniforms and equipment.


Team Selection

Players will be selected on the basis of:

ü  Athleticism and baseball skill

ü  Attitude and enthusiasm

ü  Commitment to Winter training and conditioning (1 session per week + individual conditioning),

ü  Commitment to attend practices, games and tournaments to ensure consistency of play and development as a team

At the Bantam level, the field is significantly larger and will require players:

ü  to further develop their arm strength for the longer throws

ü  to quicken swing speed as players move to wooden bats

ü  to enhance conditioning for additional running on bases and field coverage


For further inquiries, please feel free to contact: NT A's AA Head Coach: Marcus Tateishi -Marcus.Tateishi@autodesk.com